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C.A.P Dance & Fitness is an exciting business offering a variety of dance classes and fitness training sessions to help you achieve your goals.
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CAP Dance and Fitness offer the ultimate activity for all ages!

Years of dance education has resulted in a strong performance based approach, which focuses on enhancing a students natural interest in fun, fitness, music and movement.

About CAP

CAP offers dance and fitness programs for preschoolers through to adults. Classes are available for both the recreational dancer and the pre-professional student.

The emphasis in all courses are to:

Develop Dance Skills and Improve Coordination
Increase Self-concept through Success
Promote Life Long Patterns for Overall Fitness
Have Fun Expressing Ourselves through Dance

Classes are offered in 3 locations; East Grafton Coronation Hall, Woolton Hill Church Hall and Shalbourne Pavilion, as well as having the flexibility to set up corporate or private events in any suitable location our clients prefer.


About Miss Charlotte

Principal Miss Charlotte Price began Ballet classes at the age of 3 in Kintbury, Berkshire. She continued to peruse a variety of dance styles as she got older, training in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Disco/Freestyle, Ballroom and Latin American.

Miss Charlotte trained with the Royal Academy of Dance to achieve her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies to become an RAD registered teacher. Miss Charlotte is an Associate of the NATD and holds her DDE in both ISTD Tap & Modern.

Other qualifications include Zumba, Pilates Diploma, Level 3 Personal Training, Exercise to Music and Gym Instruction. Miss Charlotte holds a certificate for Essential First Aid for all Ages (St John’s Ambulance), is fully CRB checked and holds public liability insurance.

Miss Charlotte has performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre and Shaftesbury Theatre in London’s West End, and Disney Land Paris. She now enjoys teaching and coaching her students towards exams, directing school productions and choreographing for festivals.

About Miss Emma

Miss Emma attended The South West School of Dance in Somerset from the age of five.  She completed three years training in Professional Musical Theatre at Cambridge Performing Arts.  She has enjoyed a varied career so far, teaching & performing around the world.  She made her professional debut at sea, performing on Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  She enjoyed three contracts on RSSC & later in her career returned to the ocean performing, as well as teaching, on Celebrity Cruise Lines.  She has also worked as a Showgirl in France, Germany & Luxembourg.  Other career highlights include dancing in the Dubai World Cup as an opening act for Sia & filming for Adidas.  Most recently she enjoys touring the UK dancing in a Motown Show & teaching a range of dance classes.

A Customer Quotation…

I went to Charlotte because at the age of 38 I wanted to continue playing competative rugby. She helped me with general fitness and also sport specific training. I would recommend Charlotte as a Personal Trainer as she understood my motivation and goals, and helped me work towards them.

Harry Chance – Personal Training


All these classes will work on technique, performance and social skills, flexibility and discipline.

RAD Ballet

Ballet is considered the foundation for all other dance forms. It is also highly sort after from a young age as it helps with fundamental developmental and social skills.

Ballet enhances strength, flexibility, pose and grace, and student of all ages will learn coordination, confidence, and spacial awareness. At age 3, children are welcome to enjoy ballet with fun movement to music exercises which enhance motor and social skills, along with promoting discipline, good manners and behavior.

All students are encouraged to take ballet, and RAD exams are offered to all. These exams are internationally recognised and UCAS points can be gained in the UK.

ISTD Modern & Jazz

Through specially designed exercises, the ISTD Modern and Jazz Syllabus works to enhance your body’s muscular awareness and capabilities to contribute to a larger dance routine.

Exercises focus on core stability, flexibility, strength and power in movements such as leaps, turns, traveling steps, high kicks and isolations, which combine to create a rhythmic style of dance.

NATD Disco & Freestyle

This is a popular style of dance for younger children. Starting from the release of the film, Saturday Night Fever in 1977, ‘Disco Dancing’ took off as it gave young people an opportunity to dance without a partner, and to modern music.

This has developed over the years with teachers encouraging poise and performance within routines. Along with learning routines, students are also encouraged to create their own choreography expressing themselves in Freestyle Dance.

Pointe Work

Regular ballet students are invited to start Pointe Work once their strength and technique is seen to be of the standard, and students are of the minimum age of 12.

This is due to bone development; anything earlier may cause issues however it is the teachers discretion to choose when a student may start Pointe Work


Tap dancing is an expressive form of dance that focuses on style and rhythm, created by the sound of the tap shoes.

It is a dance genre that many students find fun and challenging, and it is great for improving coordination and timing. Following the ISTD syllabus, students will learn individual exercises which lead to a larger dance piece. Once ready, students will be offered the opportunity to take an exam.

Group Dance

These classes are largely focused on show pieces, creating a routine with many performers of varying ages, working together and dancing to a well-known number; Usually something from the West End or movies.

These routines are very popular and the students love having the opportunity to perform on stage! This style is taught mainly in CAP after school clubs, however check the timetable for extras.

A Customer Quotation…

Miss Charlotte runs a fantastic dance school, she seems to bring the best out of all her students, young and old, plus her shows are AMAZING. My 10 year old adores her and looks forward to her lessons, would never miss one.

Gabby Walker – Childrens Dance Classes


There are many benefits to exercise, not only physically but mentally. Releasing endorphins, exercise gives you mood enhancing boost. It promotes better sleep at night and improves energy throughout the day. There are numerous physical benefits, most importantly reducing and preventing health conditions and diseases, and aids to control weight gain and loss.

Personal Training

Working 1 to 1 with a trainer, individuals are assessed and monitored through a well planned and specifically designed programme. Workouts will focus on your requirements to help achieve your goals.

Trainers can help with weight loss, weight gain, increasing muscle mass and strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, along with improving overall health and fitness.


Zumba is a fun and energetic aerobic fitness programme, featuring movements inspired by various dances styles and performed to music from across the world.

This class is very social, with many coming to catch up with friends and making more along the way.

Adult Dance Fitness

Adult Dance Fitness incorporates a mixture of dance styles in a fitness based class.

This aerobic class is to popular music, using various genres and dance styles. Included is a floor toning section and stretching. The class is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The class structures a ‘Follow Me’ style, so it is not essential you attend every week. All new comers are welcome!


Circuit classes are a great way to achieve an overall body workout. With encouragement from the instructor, you make your way around the various stations putting in as much effort as you can.

Using a variety of training styles and equipment, this workout is suitable for anyone looking to lose weight and get fit, or just increase their fitness levels.


C.A.P Dance & Fitness offers a variety of services.

Along with our regular classes & personal training sessions, CAP Dance & Fitness can cater for many other activities.

Team Training

For sports teams that are already up and running, invite an instructor to help increase team fitness.

Continuing to work successfully with the Hungerford Rugby team, this option is ideal for any team that wants to improve their fitness or would like to get an edge above the competition.

Summer School

For Nurseries, Primary Schools or other children’s groups that are looking for something different to add to their Easter/Summer/Winter holiday clubs, children’s dance lessons or fitness session are great to keep kids entertained.

They can learn a variety of routines, create their own with guidance, and enjoy some additional fitness. These classes can also be adapted to run regularly as part of their PE sessions within an organised establishment.

Commercial Business Events

During your annual meetings that can last hours or even days, enjoy a break with a CAP Dance & Fitness Instructor.

Have a quick workout or learn a fun team dance routine! Great to encourage team bonding & have a break from work.

Unique Events

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

If there are any Dance/Fitness activities you need help with please feel free to ask. CAP cater for as many different events as possible and will work with you to make it unique and enjoyable for all. Prices vary upon each event – please enquire for details.


Birthday Parties

Any style, any theme!  You child’s dance party will start with some fun dance routines to your child’s favorite songs, incorporating the birthday party theme.

The instructor with then play dance party games with the group, before parents take over with other activities or lunch. Inviting an instructor to your child’s party is fun for the birthday girl/boy, and stress free for parents.

Wedding Dance

For your special day why not have a personalised dance especially for you. An instructor can choreograph as much or as little of your first dance as is required.

Choose your song, and your style, and let the instructor do the rest. From classic, elegant slow dancing with added turns and positions to show off the bride, to a fun and surprising routine to entertain your guests, your instructor can do it all.



Dance Class
  • 1 x 30 Minute Class


Dance Class
  • 1 x 45 Minute Class


Fitness Classes
  • 1 x 45 Minute Class


Personal Training
  • Per Session
Other – Available upon request

A Customer Quotation…

My daughter wanted a Next Step style Party and this was the perfect solution! All the girls loved learning the dance moves, to different style dances and then performing them in front of the adults. It was a really easy party to organise and Miss Charlotte took full control for the hour. Would definitely use again

Sarah Kettle- Birthday Party


Woolton Hill Church Hall

East Grafton Coronation Hall

Shalbourne Pavilion

Shalbourne Pavilion

Monday East Grafton Coronation Hall

4.45pm ISTD Jazz – Age 10+
5.15pm Stretch & Tech – Age 10+
6pm Pre Pointe – Invite Only
6.30pm RAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet – Invite Only

7.15pm Adult Dance Fitness – Age 16+


Tuesday East Grafton Coronation Hall

4.15pm RAD Grade 2 Ballet – Year 3
5pm ISTD Grade 3 Modern – Year 4/5
5.45pm RAD Grade 3 Ballet – Year 4


Tuesday Woolton Hill Church Hall

3.30pm Baby Ballet  – Age 3+
4pm RAD Pre Primary Ballet – Reception
4.30pm RAD Primary Ballet – Year 1
5pm RAD Grade 1 Ballet – Year 2
5.30pm RAD Grade 2 Ballet – Year 3

6pm RAD Grade 3 Ballet – Year 4+

6.30pm RAD Grade 4 Ballet – Year 5+

Wednesday East Grafton Coronation Hall

3.30pm Baby Ballet – Age 3+
4pm RAD Pre Primary Ballet – Reception
4.30pm RAD Primary Ballet – Year 1
5pm RAD Grade 1 Ballet – Year 2
5.45pm RAD Grade 4 Ballet – Year 5/6
6.30pm ISTD Grade 4 Modern – Year 5/6
7.15pm ISTD Intermediate Modern – Year 9+

8pm RAD Grade 8 Ballet – Year 9+


Thursday East Grafton Coronation Hall

4.45pm RAD Grade 5 Modern – Year 6/7
5.30pm ISTD Grade 5 Ballet- Year 6/7
6.16pm RAD Grade 6 Ballet – Year 8+
7pm ISTD Intermediate Foundation Modern – Year 9+
7.45pm RAD Grade 7 Ballet – Year 9+


Uniform Information

Uniform is essential for class, it represents the schools identity and gives the students a sense of equality and togetherness. Participating in a physical class requires breathable and moveable clothing, which the uniform provides. It also prevents students from any health and safety accidents which may occur from baggy / non uniformed clothing.

Jewellery is not permitted in class and long hair should be tied up securely and kept off the face.

Uniform can be purchased using the following link –

CAP Uniform can be purchased directly with Miss Charlotte.


Pre-Primary & Primary (Girls)
Pink short sleeved leotard
Pink wrap over skirt
Pink leather ballet shoes
Pink ballet socks

Pre-Primary & Primary (Boys)
White short sleeved leotard
Black Lycra Shorts
White ballet socks
White leather ballet shoes

Grade 1 - 3 (Girls)
Marine Blue sleeveless leotard
Marine Blue wrap over skirt
Marine Blue Belt
Pink leather ballet shoes
Pink ballet tights
Black character shoes

Grade 4 - 6 (Girls)
Navy Classic Tank Leotard
Navy Belt
Slip sole ballet shoes
Pink ballet tights
Black character shoes

Grade 1 - 6 (Boys)
Boy’s cut cotton/lycra short sleeved leotard (White)
Navy stirrup tights OR tight navy shorts (lycra or cotton)
White ballet shoes
White ballet socks
Lace up character shoes

Modern / Tap

Grade 1 - 3

Black footless tights



Sports Top
Kit Bag

Book Here

A Customer Quotation…

I love Charlottes classes in Burbage on Mondays and Wednesdays. They’re suitable for everyone; great routines, good fun, up beat classes. If you’re looking for a class you should give these a go.

Sarah West – Dance Classes

Privacy Policy

At CAP Dance & Fitness we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. It provides a framework to ensure that personal information is handled properly, and customers or individuals have the right to withdraw consent whereby details must be permanently erased.


We obtain information about you when you use our website contact form, send us an email, call us on the telephone or send us any information through the post.


Personal information we might collect include your name, address, email address, telephone number and other information you consent to provide on our contact forms.


CAP Dance & Fitness request personal details from the student and / or parent/guardian at the time of enrolment.

Dates of birth are taken to identify the correct class for the student, for examination regulations and for dance festival entries.

Contact details for the parent / guardian such as address, email address and phone numbers are taken for necessary correspondence and marketing purposes.

We ask to be notified of any medical conditions to ensure there is nothing in our general class practice that would physically or mental put your child at risk.

For dance shows we may also collect your address, post code and your child’s school, in order for the relevant councils to certify we are following the correct rules with regards to The Children and Young Persons Acts 1933 & 1963 and The Children (Performance and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014. In addition, student names are used in programs which are only handed out to attendees (friends and family of students) and on DVD credits which are only accessible to the parents of the school.


We will not sell or rent your information to third parties. We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.

The information is kept and stored by CAP Dance & Fitness data protection officer and Dance School Principal, Miss Charlotte Price, in a secure software database accessible only by authorised personnel.

Any paper forms in use are stored securely inside a locked building.

Pupils name and date of birth are forwarded onto the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and ISTD (The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) and other affiliated dance examination boards for use when entering candidates for examinations.

If individuals opt to join a group messaging service in order to benefit from extra dance resources, such as videos for exam practice, others within that group may also receive your details.


When a pupil leaves the dance school, or a member ceases to attend to fitness classes, The Data Protection officer will delete the student/carer’s/members details from the database and shred any relevant hard copy paperwork.

In order for CAP Dance and Fitness to operate,   a copy of the parent contact details will be kept for 3 years for correspondence and marketing purposes.

In line with the GDPR giving all students, parents and carers ‘The Right to be Forgotten’, if you require your information to be erased from the RAD, ISTD or Council Files, please inform the Dance School and the data protection officer will ensure that this is processed within the allotted timeframe.

For individuals attending pay as you go classes, information will be destroyed after 1 year of absence. After this time CAP Dance & Fitness will no longer be able to contact you.

Legally required data will be held for 7 years.


When you give us personal information, we take steps to ensure that it is treated securely. Non-sensitive details (your email address etc.) are transmitted normally over the Internet, and his can never be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we take great care to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk. Once we receive your information, we make our best effort to ensure its security within our system.


If you have a questions about the CAP Dance & Fitness website or Privacy Policy, please email



Telephone: 07746 479 345

Policy written: May 2018

Reviews of these policies: CAP Dance & Fitness keep this policy under regular review, annually as a minimum.

This policy was last updated May 2018.

A detailed list of what information is held and how it is used can be found here – GDPR – How is my information used and held?

During the annual review The following criteria will be used to make a decision about what data to keep and what to delete.

Question Action
  Yes No
Is the data stored securely? No action necessary Update storage protocol in line with Data Protection policy
Does the original reason for having the data still apply? Continue to use Delete or remove data
Is the data being used for its original intention? Continue to use Either delete/remove or record lawful basis for use and get consent if necessary
Is there a statutory requirement to keep the data? Keep the data at least until the statutory minimum no longer applies Delete or remove the data unless we have reason to keep the data under other criteria.
Is the data accurate? Continue to use Ask the subject to confirm/update details
Where appropriate do we have consent to use the data. This consent could be implied by previous use and engagement by the individual Continue to use Get consent
Can the data be anonymised Anonymise data Continue to use